Nida Rodriguez


Nida is the founder and creator of all the glory that is The Slide Ride and newly opened Frite Street. A former finance worker, Nida traded in her high heels and blazers for truck keys and an apron and never turned back. When she's not kicking ass and taking names on the city streets or at her storefront, she's indulging in her love for donuts and patio cocktails. Tweet her sweet nothings @nidaride 



Vince Zambello

Dogs. Beer. Meat. Lather, rinse, repeat. To contact Vinny, send a carrier pigeon and wish yourself the best of luck. 


Chris is the head chef and creative genius behind the menu selections at Frite Street and The Slide Ride. Chris makes a mean house made bacon, and his knack for soups will make you wanna smack your grandma in her sleep. When Chris isn't bathing in the sweet smells of his handcrafted smoker, he's getting his hunt on with his best friend and life partner, Bags, the Black Lab German Shorthair of your dreams. Tweet him everything your taste buds desire @cgrams750



Chris Graham

Natalie Williams

Natalie, a chicago native, has traveled this country from coast to coast in search of the city to live in only to find herself back here in the windy city. Tom Skillings number one fan is usually digging for vintage hip hop casset tapes at the record store or getting new ink. When shes not consuming mass amounts of malort and throwing down in the mosh pit at local punk shows, she's slanging sliders in the pink lady. A natural born traveler, you can catch her bumpin in the slide ride anywhere from the loop to the far suburbs.


939 S Western Avenue

Chicago Il, 60612


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